Code Camp Caribe was born in Dominica after the founders of Startup767 realized there was a shortage of developers locally. This became evident during the World Bank’s Enterprise Program for Innovation in the Caribbean (EPIC) where the Caribbean Mobile Innovation Program (CMIP) was introduced to the mobile hubs as an avenue to drive mobile application development and innovation. While the participants from Dominica had no shortage of ideas they were constrained by many factors including the technical expertise. 

Code Camp Caraibe is an initiative to address this gap and provide a sustainable environment to foster the development of technical expertise in code related industries and content creation particularly in the local music industry. The goal is to train sufficient people not only through an instructional medium but through project oriented mediums whereby they develop in demand skills honed through real industry projects. This initiative is built on 4 pillars, Coding, Industry linkages, Community building and Mentorship. The long term vision is increased local entrepreneurship in the tech sector. 


Urania Williams has been around the technology space in Dominica for over 20 years. She was the VP Marketing at Cable & Wireless where she spearheaded many marketing initiatives including the Cable & Wireless Brand re imaging to LIME. Subsequently she joined the NTRC where she worked as the Universal Service Fund Coordinator implementing several interventions to improve broadband connectivity across the island.

Craig Nesty is the Executive Director of the NTRC and has always supported content creation. He firmly believes that in order to increase economic development we need to leverage the internet and move from being simply consumers to producers of content. Local content he believes will further drive the adoption of broadband which in turn should have positive economic impact. Craig has held many roles in the telecommunications sector, first as a Network Engineer, Product Manager and now a regulator. He understands fully the constraints in the market which curtail entrepreneurship and limit the potential of our citizens technologically. 

Peter Bannis is a Consulting Engineer and has held many pivotal roles in the Telecommunications and Electrical sector in Dominica. He was the Chief Engineer at Cable & Wireless and was responsible for the implementation of Internet Services in Dominica. He also worked at the Dominica Electricity Services and at Marpin Telecommunications. Mr. Bannis has also taught at the Dominica State College and depths of knowledge will be an invaluable resource. 

Vashanti Raymond is an applications developer with fifteen(15) years’ combined experience in developing web and android applications. At university, she was a programmer on her Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) chapter’s robotics team between 2007 – 2009. Vashanti also volunteered and mentored at the Kansas City’s First Robotics Competitions from 2007 – 2010. She spent eight (8) years as a graduate teacher of information technology (IT) and programming before transitioning into her web applications development career. Vashanti currently works as a Data Analystics, Programming and Software Solutions Specialist with Growth Perspectives Ltd in Jamaica.

Cedric Pemberton


Cedric Pemberton

Vashanti Raymond