CodeCombat combines the power of gameplay and personalized instruction to deliver computer literacy and problem solving skills that students will look forward to every week!

This program can take anywhere from three months to one year to complete. Face to face sessions are offered for one (1) hour, once a week. Participants can progress at their own pace, the same as if they were learning to play a musical instrument.

Trainers are always there to guide and encourage during their journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there an age limit for this program?

CodeCombat was designed for students aged 7 through 16. However, if your child can type, use a mouse, and is comfortable using a computer, they are welcome to join our program. At home supervision will be required for projects.

What devices would I need to join this program?

Any internet-connected device with a full keyboard is required. Laptops, PCs, and Chromebooks are recommended, however iPads will work with an external keyboard. If you do not have any of these, we do have devices at our facility that can be used during your session.

When will classes be held?

Classes will be held weekly for 1 hour. Upon registration, you will be asked to select the day and time that you’d like to join a class.

What if I need to reschedule a class?

As space is limited, we require 24 hours’ advance notice for rescheduling your class. You can reschedule your class by emailing¬† or speaking with your instructor.